About Us



Boydell Property Agents is an independent real estate agency operating in Brisbane’s inner northern suburbs. We are a small team of approachable, qualified and proactive real estate professionals who focus on customer service and communication, providing you with personalised service for all your real estate transactions. 


Operating in the local area for 20 years, our agents are expertly skilled with a strong understanding of the nuances of the local area, underpinned by experience and comprehension of the broader market factors that can influence your real estate transactions. We focus on achieving the best outcome for our sellers while providing a strong duty of care to buyers. 


We also offer a full suite of property management services providing owners with professional and attentive representation while seeking to ensure that tenants enjoy a fair and satisfying experience.    


We believe we are respected for our straightforward honest approach and we strive to live up to this reputation while achieving your outcomes.